The Minimum Valuable Product

There have been countless of posts about what is a Minimum Viable Product, this concept popularized by Eric Ries. Here is a great post I’ve found that says it all : A MVP is not your product; it may not even be the first version: it’s something that prove your assumptions to be true or false by investing as less as possible in development efforts. Continue reading “The Minimum Valuable Product” »

Ideation is not innovation

Do you know innovation games ? If you’re an agile coach, I bet you do. “Speed boat”, “buy a feature”, “prune the product tree”…. all great games to define priorities or find new ideas as a team.

Everything starts with an idea. But as a regular Lean Startup practitioner, I can tell that this idea won’t survive the first contact with the market.

The only way to create innovation is to look for the unexpected. Build your idea as fast as you can, launch it and look for a different usage pattern than you thought. Here lies innovation.

Using the Lean Product Management framework, this is happening in the Product Continuous improvement step.

Innovation games are great. They should just be renamed Ideation Games.

What innovation methods and martial arts have in common

savate method

Since I’m 16 years old I’ve been practicing martial arts. I started by savate (old french boxing combining arms, legs and stick, hence the illustration of this post). When I went to college, I discovered Jujutsu and in the past 10 years I’ve been given a try to Ninjútsu, Jeet kune do and even a more traditional version of Jujutsu, mixing internal energy and deep knowledge of the human body. I never had the patience to be good at any of these, yet enjoying a lot practicing with peers, learning a lot, and talking with real masters of each discipline. I’ve learned a lot about methods, people who invent them, and people who defend them fanatically . In the last few years, after two failures in building a startup, I’ve been searching a method and discovered Lean Startup (and more specifically Running Lean). I’ve also discovered and practiced Customer Development, Isma360, Design Thinking… I’ve came to believe that there is a lot of similarity with the way innovation methods are seen today. Continue reading “What innovation methods and martial arts have in common” »